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Date Town Name Type Support Note
11.02.2005 Los Angeles We Sat In The Cheap Seats Just For You (u2rulesmyworld) Video DVD+/-R
11.13.1981 Albany We Nearly Live Here Audio Silver CD
08.06.2001 Antwerp We Love You (2 Cam Mix) Video DVD+/-R
10.03.1981 Salford We Are Out Of Control Audio Silver CD
02.26.1980 Dublin We Are Out Of Control Audio Silver CD
04.12.2001 Tacoma We Also Do Weddings ( P. R. ) Audio CD-R
12.05.2000 New York Wbcn Broadcast Audio CD-R
07.18.2009 Berlin Wb - Okm Ii(r) > A3 > Edirol R-09 Audio CD-R
06.01.1997 East Rutherford Wave Control Audio CD-R
10.07.2005 New York Watchmoretv - Ecm-719 + Md Mz-n10 Audio CD-R
09.09.1992 Detroit Watch More T V Audio Silver CD
06.15.2001 Washington Washington D.c. Video VCD
08.16.1992 Washington D.C. Washington D. C. 1992 Video DVD+/-R
12.11.1981 Washington Washington 11.12.1981 (version Complète) Audio CD-R
07.02.1983 Torhout War Tourhout (audience) Audio CD-R
03.29.1983 London War Tour Audio Silver CD
03.17.1983 Sheffield War Sheffield Audio CD-R
05.26.1983 Seattle War Seattle Audio CD-R
06.01.1983 San Francisco War San Francisco Audio CD-R
04.28.1983 Rochester War Rochester Audio CD-R
03.06.1983 Portsmouth War Portsmouth Audio CD-R
05.12.1983 Passaic War Passaic Audio CD-R
03.19.1983 Manchester War Manchester Audio CD-R
03.03.1983 Liverpool War Liverpool Audio CD-R
03.18.1983 Leeds War Leeds Audio CD-R
05.30.1983 Devore War In The Usa Audio CD-R
10.03.1981 Salford War In Salford Audio CD-R
03.21.1983 London War In London Audio CD-R
03.29.1983 London War In London Audio CD-R
04.23.1983 Chapel Hill War Chapel Hill Audio CD-R
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