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October Tour / Leg 1 - Europe
Date Town Name Type Support Note
10.03.1981 Salford War In Salford Audio CD-R
10.03.1981 Salford We Are Out Of Control Audio Silver CD
10.04.1981 Glasgow Live From Glasgow 04.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.06.1981 Coventry Live From Coventry 06.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.07.1981 Leicester Live From Leicester 07.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.10.1981 Liverpool Live From Liverpool 10.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.12.1981 Brighton Live From Brighton 12.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.14.1981 London Bbc Radio Session : Kid Jensen Audio CD-R
10.18.1981 Bristol Live From Bristol 18.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.20.1981 Leeds Live From Leeds 20.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.21.1981 Hemel Hempstead Live From Hemel Hempstead 21.10.1981 Audio CD-R
10.26.1981 Paris Into The Heart Of Paris Audio CD-R
10.30.1981 Amsterdam The Lost Broadcast Vol 2 Audio Silver CD
10.30.1981 Amsterdam Dutch Rebroadcast Audio CD-R
11.03.1981 Hamburg Live From Hamburg 03.11.1981 (rossman) Audio CD-R
11.04.1981 Berlin Boygroup Audio Silver CD
11.04.1981 Berlin Berlin Audio CD-R
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