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War Tour
Date Town Name Type Support Note
05.11.1983 New-York Front Cam Video DVD+/-R
05.17.1983 Toronto Edge's Side - 7:00 Video DVD+/-R
05.17.1983 Toronto Toronto 83 Video VCD
05.30.1983 Devore U. S. Festival Video VHS
05.30.1983 Devore Us Festival 1983 ( 3,96 Go Sized ) Video DVD+/-R
05.30.1983 Devore Louder Than Bombs Video Silver DVD
05.30.1983 Devore 1983 San Bernardino Video VCD
05.30.1983 Devore 1st Gen ( 3,57 Go Sized ) Video DVD+/-R
06.05.1983 Denver Rr Showtime Special Video VCD
06.05.1983 Denver Under A Blood Red Sky, The Missing Tracks Video DVD+/-R
08.20.1983 St. Goarshausen Rockpalast 83 Video VCD
08.20.1983 St Goarhausen 1st Gen Vhs By Ravenstone Video DVD+/-R
08.20.1983 St Goarshausen Unbroken Toys Video Silver DVD
08.20.1983 St Goarshausen White Flags Over Europe Video Silver DVD
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