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Unforgettable Fire Tour
Date Town Name Type Support Note
08.29.1984 Christchurch Live from Christchurch 08.29.1984 Audio CD-R
08.31.1984 Wellington U2 Treats U Audio CD-R
08.31.1984 Wellington Live from Wellington 08.31.1984 Audio CD-R
09.01.1984 Auckland Live from Auckland 09.01.1984 Audio CD-R
09.02.1984 Auckland Last Night In New Zealand Audio CD-R
09.02.1984 Auckland Live From Auckland 02.09.1984 Audio CD-R
09.05.1984 Sydney Incomplete Version Audio CD-R
09.05.1984 Sydney Complete Version Audio CD-R
09.06.1984 Sydney All Fall Down Audio CD-R
09.06.1984 Sydney Live From Sydney 06.09.1984 Audio CD-R
09.08.1984 Sydney The 4th Of Sydney Audio CD-R
09.09.1984 Sydney Live from Sydney 09.09.1984 Audio CD-R
09.09.1984 Sydney Complete Audio CD-R
09.14.1984 Melbourne Live from Melbourne 09.14.1984 Audio CD-R
09.15.1984 Melbourne Live from Melbourne 09.15.1984 Audio CD-R
09.17.1984 Melbourne Wired In Melbourne Audio CD-R
09.17.1984 Melbourne Live From Melbourne 17.09.1984 (yauckt Edition) Audio CD-R
09.18.1984 Melbourne Live from Melbourne 09.18.1984 Audio CD-R
09.18.1984 Melbourne Complete Version Audio CD-R
09.21.1984 Adelaide Live From Adelaide 21.09.1984 Audio CD-R
09.24.1984 Perth Live from Perth 09.24.1984 Audio CD-R
10.18.1984 Lyon Live from Lyon 10.18.1984 Audio CD-R
10.19.1984 Marseille Live from Marseille 10.19.1984 Audio CD-R
10.20.1984 Toulouse Live from Toulouse 10.20.1984 Audio CD-R
10.22.1984 Bordeaux Down In The Flames Audio CD-R
10.23.1984 Nantes Sharks In The High Chair Audio Silver CD
10.23.1984 Nantes Unforgettable Fire Nantes Soundboard (almost Complete) Audio CD-R
10.23.1984 Nantes Into The Fire Audio Silver CD
10.23.1984 Nantes Walk Through The Fire Audio Silver CD
10.23.1984 Nantes 1st Gen Analog Source Audio CD-R
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