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Joshua Tree Tour
Date Town Name Type Support Note
03.08.1987 Belfast Musical Journey Video Silver DVD
04.22.1987 los angeles La Last Nite In Town!! Video VCD
04.30.1987 Detroit Live from Detroit 04.30.1987 Video DVD+/-R
04.30.1987 Detroit Live from Detroit 04.30.1987 Video VCD
05.27.1987 Rome Earthquake In Roma Video VCD
05.27.1987 Roma Adam's Side 4:00 Video DVD+/-R
05.29.1987 Modena Live from Modena 05.29.1987 Video DVD+/-R
05.29.1987 Modene The Tree In Italy Video VCD
07.01.1987 leeds A Tree In Leeds (tripod) Video VCD
07.04.1987 Paris Joshua Tree Vincennes Video VCD
07.04.1987 Paris Live from Paris 07.04.1987 Video DVD+/-R
07.04.1987 Paris Live From Paris 04-07-1987 (3 Films Mix) Video DVD+/-R
07.08.1987 Bruxelles Amazing Brussel Video DVD+/-R
07.22.1987 Munich Live from Munich 07.22.1987 Video VCD
07.22.1987 München Live from München 07.22.1987 Video DVD+/-R
07.25.1987 Cardiff Surprise In Cradiff Arm's Park! Video DVD+/-R
07.30.1987 Glasgow Live from Glasgow 07.30.1987 Video DVD+/-R
08.01.1987 Edimbourg Live from Edimbourg 08.01.1987 Video DVD+/-R
08.08.1987 Cork Live from Cork 08.08.1987 Video DVD+/-R
09.18.1987 Boston Garden Party With U2 Video VCD
10.09.1987 Syracuse American Prayer Video Silver DVD
10.09.1987 Syracuse Live from Syracuse 10.09.1987 Video VCD
10.09.1987 Syracuse Joshua Tree Tour Syracuse N. Y. Video Silver DVD
10.20.1987 Iowa City Adam's Side 4:00 - 1st Gen Hi8mm Video DVD+/-R
11.11.1987 San Francisco 1 Cam Pro - High Generation Vhs Video DVD+/-R
11.11.1987 San Francisco Save The Yuppies Video VCD
11.11.1987 San Francisco 1 Cam Pro - 1st Generation Vhs Video DVD+/-R
11.18.1987 Los angeles Desert Roads Video DVD+/-R
11.18.1987 Los Angeles Under An L.a. Sky Video DVD+/-R
12.03.1987 Miami John C. - Full Size Vhs Camcorder Video VHS
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