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ZooTV Tour / Leg 3 - Outside Broadcast Tour
Date Town Name Type Support Note
08.13.1992 East Rutherford Kevin - Adam's Side 5:00 Video DVD+/-R
08.16.1992 Washington D.C. Washington D. C. 1992 Video DVD+/-R
08.16.1992 Washington And Now A Word From Our Sponsors Video VCD
08.16.1992 Washington Playing Washington Video Silver DVD
08.18.1992 Saratoga Springs Zoo Tv Extreme Video DVD+/-R
08.30.1992 New-York Adam's Side 5:30 Video DVD+/-R
08.30.1992 New York Amateur / Pro Mix Video DVD+/-R
09.02.1992 Philadelphie The Fly In Philly Video DVD+/-R
09.06.1992 Toronto U2 Live Transmission Video DVD+/-R
09.09.1992 Detroit Live from Detroit 09.09.1992 Video DVD+/-R
09.13.1992 Madison Achtung Madison Tv Video DVD+/-R
09.20.1992 Saint Louis Edge’s Side 7:30 - 1st Gen Vhs Video DVD+/-R
10.30.1992 Los Angeles Adam's Side 5:30 Video DVD+/-R
11.07.1992 Oakland Live from Oakland 11.07.1992 Video DVD+/-R
11.10.1992 San Diego Live from San Diego 11.10.1992 Video DVD+/-R
11.25.1992 Mexico City Zoo Tv Mexico City Video DVD+/-R
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